KINETIC headlight replacement


what can i do as far as replacing the headlight assembly on my 96 tfr? is there a generic one i can get? i only want, as far as electronics, headlight, tail/brake light, and kill switch. right now i have a broken mass of wires and schrapnel hanging from the front of my bike.

Re: KINETIC headlight replacement

anyone? no ideas?

aftermarket driving lights?

my buddy and i are gonna put those on his PA50 since the bulb is toast. dunno how it will work out though. a set is only about $15 at walmart and such.

aftermarket driving lights?

I dunno about generic headlight assemblies... maybe MWH would have something. You could order a new assembly from cosmo, though that'd probably be way expensive.

The headlight bulb should be 12V, 25 W.

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