1979 Honda PA50

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Thanks again to those who helped me get my 1978 Honda Express running! Now working on my 1979 Honda PA 50. Same issues with spark and filthy carb, but am confident of success. Question: Maybe I am doing this the hard way...Is there an easier way to access and remove the carb than by un-bolting the frame and rear shocks?!

Re: 1979 Honda PA50

what could be easier? Two bolts! The key is to suspend the upper part with rope or straps and then swing it to one side or the other for easy access. Also, taknig the main engine bolt out will provide more room. Then undo cables as necessary. Be careful with the 4 intake screws. They are easily stripped..

Also, do a little research. There is lots of info on this subject. MOST IMPORTANT and not covered in tech data! When you finish cleaning the carb and put it back together, make sure you put the carb bowl on the right way. It can go 180 degrees out! The little fuel drain should be on the right side. WHen you see it you will know what I mean.

Good luck.

Re: 1979 Honda PA50

I dont even support the frame or unbolt the shocks..

A single large pivot bolt prevents the engine/swingarm from just dropping to the ground... Remove that bolt (and any necessary wires, cables, etc) and the engine drops to the floor. the bike will balance on the muffler and you can then remove the carb.

Here's the details:


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