Suzuki FA50 gas leak!

Samantha Stevenson /

I need some help - I have an 86 FA50 that runs just fine, but I think that something might be wrong with the carb gasket. I'm leaking gas like you wouldn't believe. I'm pretty sure the problem is that the gaskets are old and weren't replaced last time I cleaned the carb - but the local dealership says the gaskets are out of stock. Anyone know where I might find something like that/what to do if I can't??

Thanks very much!

Re: Suzuki FA50 gas leak!

Make sure the petcock is not 180 degrees in the wrong direction. It will make the gas pour out of the vent hole. Try another dealer or Good luck

Re: Suzuki FA50 gas leak!

Samantha Stevenson /

Thanks for the suggestion! unfortunately I tried it out, and it leaks equally in all petcock positions. So I guess I go gasket shopping :)

Re: Suzuki FA50 gas leak!

Leon Swarmer /

How good are you with little scissors?

If you have the original gaskets you can buy a sheet of similarly thick gasket paper from a hardware store.

trace around the old gasket and cut it out. screw holes are a bear, but it can be done. little paper punch maybe?

also make sure the float actually operates the needle valve properly while you hve it apart.


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