carb settings for MB5?

Just rebuilt the carb and am putting the bike back together. The carb had been messed w/ by a number of people when i took it apart and it wouldn't run so i dont have any settings to start with. The factory service manual lists a starting point for the air screw (out 1 3/8 turns) but nothing for the throttle stop screw. Can anyone help me out? Can't tune it until i can get it started

HELP, ive tried everything!!

Andrew G /

bike has good spark, carb is getting gas. i just rebuilt the carb. new plug. wont start. just took the plug out and it smelled of gas but was not wet (after me unsuccessfully kicking it over 40 times). help!!!

please look, its not just about carb settings!

Andrew G /

bike has spark, i just rebuilt carb, new plug, gas getting to carb, plug smells of gas but it dry when i take it out after trying to start it, bike won't start at all, help!

Re: please look, its not just about carb settings!

Spark - check

Gas - check

Compression - this is the final variable to the barrier of you starting the bike. Put your thumb over the spark plug hole and have some one kick the bike over. It should blow your finger off the hole with ease.

i forgot to add

Andrew G /

checked w/ a compression gauge....140psi

and im stumped

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