Starter Spring Honda Express

I am considering buying a Honda Express with a broken starter spring. I read that it is very tought to change the spring itself and I should just get a new transmission cover/L cover. Any thoughts? I'm not sure what to do.

Re: Starter Spring Honda Express

Leon Swarmer /

The honda shop manual stops just short of saying, "if you try to undo this you will loose all your fingers or a hand"

somebody here or maybe on

has done it, but it aint easy and it is dangerous.

one poster here gave directions on how to put a rope pull starter on one. do a search.


Re: Starter Spring Honda Express

Cool. Could I buy a transmission cover with a spring already in it as well?

Re: Starter Spring Honda Express

Jonas Quimby /

If you are perhaps looking to bypass the spring starter all together, I have a spair transmission cover off of a, '81 express. They use a standard kick starter.

Only problem is I'm not sure if it's a simple bolt on replacement. The lack of spring starter parts may make them a little imcompatable.

Re: Starter Spring Honda Express

I read somewhere about a guy who knew how to turn a honda express into a direct kickstart, but all it was was an archived post from some forum. The message was from 1999 and he told people to email him. There was no email listed...I tried googlein' it but couldn't come up with anything.

Re: Starter Spring Honda Express

I have the same problem with a recently resurrected 79 Express. The tranny cover with starter spring installed isn't available new any more. They tell me at Honda you can't replace the starter spring; you need to change out the whole cover with one that has a working spring. I'm working with a guy trying to buy one for parts and switch it over.

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