Morini MO-2

My morini MO-2 enine peaks at around 20mph

it has no exhaust sustem, it feels like the trani is all gummed up with old oil, and when i stuck a pipe cleaner(to check for TDC) in the cylender it was covered in filth.

I believe a rebuild is nessary. What exactly do i need to buy new and is there any place in perticular that I should look for parts? Im having a pretty hard time finding an exhaust for it( i want something on the performance end).

Any and all help is appreciated.

Re: Morini MO-2

Jason Luther /

if the rings and piston are in good shape why rebuild? what size carb do you have? when i first got my bianchi with an MO-1 it only went about 20 mph. ive sense done some things and now it does 35. take the engine apart and clean things up, make sure the carb is clean, and for god sakes get an exhaust, itll run better and wont kill your engine.-jason

Re: Morini MO-2

Either take Jason's advice(it's probably carbonned up) or maybe ask ChrisMWH if he has another Polini 60cc kit and bigger jet for your carb..

ALSO.........The tranny might be dragging due to a too-tight starter clutch cable, but I doubt it.

The points may have slipped shut on you(spark plug new?)

The carb may be dirty. The air box? An MO2 needs a rear sprocket at the rear tire with no more than 30 teeth,and make sure the brakes are releasing when the lever's released at the handlebars. don-ohio .


Where could i get an exhaust? Im looking for something on the performance end, but the only things i can find so far are pipes for Tomos and Puch.


Being a teenager in my town, the cops like to keep a close eye on me. I havent done anything wrong yet, but anything to make them even glance at me will get me in a situation where i dont want to be in, and a 60cc kit might do that. I was hoping someone would know where to get a 50 cc kit with a crazy amount of compression and performance port milling.

Re: Kits

eric, no one can tell if there's a kit installed on your ped. they look identical.

the only way would be a louder/high performance exhaust.

Re: Kits

Allen Murphy /

Sucks to live in a fucking police state like MA, doesn't it?

I've turned down job offers there because of their bullshit firearm laws--screw Ted Kennedy and his asshole friends!

Al Murphy

Re: Kits

Jason Luther /

cold dead hands, right!? why dont you and heston get a room.

BOSTON your my home

Ya Boston is definately the best city ever, but as for cops and politics and western mass(which people tend to forget that its part of the state too); in so many words, suck. Its one of those I Love my country, but i Hate my government ) kinda things mixed with alot of blind hometown love.

You learn do deal with things like this- thats why I need a crazily uned 50cc engine setup. Any help is much appreciated.


well, do you know how to weld? if a biturbo or similar pipe doesn't fit on our moped, then you could cut off the part of the old pipe that connects to the cylander, and weld it onto the corrisponding place on the new one to get it to fit.

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