oil/gas ratio question

Please bear with these elementary questions, I just got a Moped so i'm in the learning process.

With a 40 to 1 oil gas ratio, does that mean I should add 4 oz. of oil to .6 gallons of gas? What type of oil should I use? 10-30w? 10-40w?

Also, what happens if I mess up the mixture, let's say I added 5 oz. of oil to .5 gallons of gas. Will the oil clog somewhere along the lines?

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p.s. I have a moby 50v for reference.

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I added too much oil and now the moped won't start.

Can I simply drain the gas in the tank and start over again? Or would I have to clean out the lines?



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Leppy The Lepracaun /

just pull off ure gas line and drain it i guess. yea if u put to much oil its like smokey an shit. or tip over ur pad spill the gas i dunno. i think its 4 oz every gas fill up. well for my tomos at least

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32 ounces = 1 quart.

4 quarts = 1 gallon.

Therefore there are 128ounces in a gallon.

If you want a 50:1 mix, divide by 50.

If you want a 40:1 mix, divide by 40.

Ad infinitum.

Do not use 10-30w or 10-40w.

Use 2-stroke engine oil. If you did use 10w30, I would drain the tank and start over. You probably won't need to clean out the lines.

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CYBERIAN is DEAD ON! don-ohio (:^D

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hey thanks guys,

I appreciate it.


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CYBERIAN is DEAD ON! don-ohio (:^D


I got out of High School in 1961, and I can still do long division, with a paper and pencil, even.

No calculator needed!


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Trevor Marty /

If you go to fleet farm you can get a box of 2 cycle, and inside the box are envolopes with the right amount. Just look for 40:1.

Heres to fleet farm.


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Allen Murphy /

And I thoight I was an OLD FART!!!!! :^)

Al Murphy

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I'm ready to Swarm and Destroy!

Fear the 60 year old semi-crippled Hells Angel!

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HaHaHaHaaaa! You got me by 9 years,Cyb! don-ohio (:^)

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Yeah, I probably still have ties older than you, but I'm still riding!!

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Ned Renner /

The easy way out is to go to call a couple auto parts stores and ask if they have a 2 stroke oil measure. The one I use is commonly available and consists of a plastic syringe with makings on the side for various mixtures to be added to either a pint or a quart. Even if you can do this high order math, you need a good measuring container and that is what has always been my issue. The syringe-thing makes it dead simple. Use an old quart oil bottle with visible side line for ounces and you can master any mix. The auto parts store may also sell quarts of good quality 2 stroke oil which will save you money over those little containers.

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