Batavus HS50 cutting out

Hi All,

Having a few problems with my batavus HS-50. It all of a sudden has started cutting out on me when ever the RPMs get down (just above idle). I have completely (and Repeatedly) cleaned the jets and the carbuerator and have ensured that fuel is flowing freely..... the only thing left that I can think of is the spark. When I pull the plug and turn it over it seems to spark well. Have tried multiple plugs as well......My question is this.....Could there be a reason that at lower RPM there the spark becomes too weak to fire the piston???? If so how can I fix it???

Any other Suggestions??

Thank you for helping me out!!


Re: Batavus HS50 cutting out

Are you sure your idle is not set too low? Try raising it a little and see if the problem is still there. Go with maybe 1 hour increases (1/12 turn) on the idle screw each time. Find the lowest you can get it to still idle at and then give it another 1/2 hour turn. That should help.


Re: Batavus HS50 cutting out

what gap is the plug? they MUST be less than .018 inch gap for this ignition (according to shop manual).

I would still be suspect of a fuel delivery issue.

Re: Batavus HS50 cutting out

Josh Latour /

Hi all,

Thanks for the response,

Richard; I don't believe it is the idle that is the problem. It cuts out before it gets anywhere close to idle RPM's.....

Paul, You know, I've looked at my manual a zillion times and I have always seen the gap to be .035 to .045 inches. upon reading your posting I decided to check it again...... Sure enough, It's .35 to .45 millimetersk, not inches!!!!!! I'll try it first thing tommorw and let you know if that's the solution!!!

Thanks for all your help!!



Re: Batavus HS50 cutting out


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