Crisscross rims vs stars

Frankly, at this point, I am completely confused. I still have a set of Puch Crisscross rims, without guts, brake plates, shoes etc except for a few bearing and their cups. Any retailer says they'll sell you new star rims, "just use your old brake plates." Well, hey, I don't have them! And it doesn't really make sense to buy NEW rims when you've got old ones and, anyway, without the correctly sized brake shoes, neither ones are functional. Can anyone tell me where to find brake plates for criss cross Puch rims? Are they interchangeable with the star rims? Are they interchangeable with any other bike's rims? I have read that many manufacturers used the same brake plates. Who? Is the hub from a star rim (which is removeable with four bolts) interchangeable with the criss cross mag rim? Any ideas, anyone?What about other 17" rims? Can they be used instead on the Puch? Maxi? Magnum? I have another spoked rim in good shape. It resembles the Lelu rim but it is marked "E 17x1.2 DOT v SCHOTHORST F 1277." Any idea what kind of bike this came from? Dare I use it on the Puch Maxi, if it fits?

So many questions... Thanks for any ideas.

Re: Crisscross rims vs stars

i know that the star rims are usually newer. they came on the late 70's early 80's bikes. They gave sealed bearings. I think they are a lot more stable than the criss cross ones. ive also herd that the CC ones have tons of other problems even though i have a set my self. hope that helped.

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