squeaky brakes, qt50

My new (to me) qt50’s brakes squeak, but otherwise seems to work fine. (Sudden stops fine.) Any way to stop them from squeaking? Do they need new brake shoes?

Re: squeaky brakes, qt50

Hey man take the tire off and have a look, maybe they are worn out, its easy to pot the tire off, then the brakes fall right out of the rim its simple. Mine had rust on the rim that i had to sand down, And then b,c mine is a 79 i had no pad's they disiagraded. Make sure u see pad on the shoe. Take a look at my post i have a qt50 question that you can help me with

Re: squeaky brakes, qt50

Thanks for the info! I'll take a look at them.

Re: squeaky brakes, qt50

Hey i have a 79 qt50, Yamaha, It s the drive shaft model, I put new brakes on. I was just wondering how your back tire spins when its in the air ? will it spin freely ? or slightly ruff ? it could be because of my new brakes..

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