Sachs Clutch Problem

I just picked up a 78 Sachs Westlake with a 504 on it 30mph version, I cleaned it up, new plug, put new tranny fluid in, put a clean carb on because I was too lazy to clean the one already on there, and it fired right up, the decompression valve is messed up it leaks pretty bad leading to a snap snap snap, but I am going to remove it and replace it with a bolt since the bike start up with no trouble and the valve doesn't work anyway.

the other problem I am having is the clutch, it is not engaging at all when the motor revs up, it turns the rear wheel at idle but does nothing else, however if you pull the starter clutch lever off you go, it ran up to about 27mph in the only fast run I made, it probably had the other 3mph in it but I turned around.

Is this related to the tranny fluid? I put in type F, do I need to flush it incase there was something else in there before(it was empty when I got it), or is it the clutch itself?

Re: Sachs Clutch Problem

sorry for the off topic question..but how do you know if it is a 30mph version?



Re: Sachs Clutch Problem

I know mine is beacause there is a sticker on it that says "30 mph"

Re: Sachs Clutch Problem

bumpity bump bump

Re: Sachs Clutch Problem

Ray........if you rev it up and it doesn't engage, it's a stuck or blown clutch...........probably stuck.

OR it's a busted gear. don-ohio

Re: Sachs Clutch Problem

it turns the wheel at idle, but nothing when it revs, I guess I'll pop the side and check out the clutch, thanks

Re: Sachs Clutch Problem

I have NOS clutch discs if you need one, and other parts.

If you need NOS Sachs engine let me know.


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