CDI Spark Problems...

So my QT50 is having problems. Today it would not start for all the kicking in the world and I have narrowed it down to a spark problem. The spark, if present at all is very very weak, so weak that it is extinguished when gas enters the chamber (assumption)

So this is what I have done...

-Cleaned all electrical contacts between magneto and CDI

-Verified connection through bike between CDI and magneto

-Swapped out CDI for known working one

-Swapped out magneto for known working one

-Swapped out plug for known working one

-Verified AC voltage at the plug cap

Even with all this, the problem still persists. Any combination or permutation of the above will occasionally yeild a spark and other times nothing at all.

Quite simply I'm out of ideas. Is there anything else you can do to a CDI? Any help you could shed on the subject would be greatly appreciated.

On a side note... thoughts on the best way to loosen stuck screws and the difficulty of a kickstart replacment.

Wishing for some points to clean...


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