Puch parts

I've got a 1980 Puch Maxi that needs a few parts. Anyone know of any parts shops in the Detroit area, or a good online resource (I'm already aware of Moped Warehouse)?

Any advice appreciated.

Re: Puch parts

Jason Luther /

i havent been able to find anyone in the detroit area that sells puch parts. i usually order them from mopedwarehouse.com. but check the resources section of this website, there are places like ikes bikes, handy biikes etc that are in ohio. if you do find someone in detroit area, let us know!-jason

Re: Puch parts

Xxxxxxx Xxxxxxx /

hey man how ya been!!???

what do you need for your puch?? we at noviy-lef may be able to help you out



swarm and detroit!!

Re: Puch parts

i have some puch parts

email me if you are interested




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