Repair Shop Near Chicago IL

Hello and I would like to welcome you all to my new repair shop, the website is it is a great honer to work on your moped(s) so take a look and give me a call by clicking on : Contact Me :

P.S i look forward to answer anyones qeustions just give me a ring> Thanx

Re: Repair Shop Near Chicago IL

I see you fix alot of scooters. If anyone needs help with real mopeds holla at cha boy.

Re: Repair Shop Near Chicago IL

Curt would you be up for helping me kit my Foxi this winter? I can do everything i think, it would just be nice to have an experienced moped tuner looking over my shoulder...or telling me when i screwed up.

Re: Repair Shop Near Chicago IL

Kyle Lehor /

Hey curt do you need any help with any of your peds"?

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