i dont know which sprocket to put on my moped please tell me whick one is better

26 tooth sprocket

27 tooth sprocket


What are you trying to accomplish?

Re: sprocket

that the moped would go faster

Re: sprocket

Leon Swarmer /

I am assuming you are talking about the sprocket on the rear wheel

26 will give you a higher top end but less acceleration.

27 lower top end but better acceleration

prollly not a 5% difference though.


Re: sprocket

ye i jsut bought 26

thanks all

Re: sprocket

Dan Schweizer /

wait this is tomos rite, isnt 26 tooth stock, and any hoot 27 would give u higher top end and lower accleration

Re: sprocket

I think you may have that backwards.


Re: sprocket

I think Dan is talking about the front sprocket, and 50plus is talking about the rear sprocket, if so then they are both correct, smaller in the back(and/or)bigger in the front=higher top end, lower acceleration bigger in the back(and/or)smaller in the front=quicker acceleration, slower top end

The way I read it they are both correct, but Dan may be talking about the front, who knows, but I don't think that a Tomos comes with a 26 rear stock, that is an awfully small rear sprocket, that is what makes me think Dan is talking about the front

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