gas line?? need help, honda hobbit

hey guys-

i just picked up a honda pa 50I and it's been running alright for a little while but now after i start it up if i try to let it idle it just dies. i've looked at the fuel line and there isn't any gas flowing so i took it off and all this nasty sandy dirt type stuff came out. i'm not sure of the technical names are but i blew out all the dirt that was in the piece that connects right to the gas tank (it has like a stop-gas flow lever on it) and then i blew out the white thing after that (i think it has a filter in it) and reconnected but am still having no luck. could i be clogged up somehwere else? i looked in the resources at the how to guide but still havent found anything. i'm new to the moped game so any help would be appreciated. do you guys have any ideas? thanks.

joe wilcox

Re: gas line?? need help, honda hobbit

Edward Edwards /

Drain the gas out of the tank, take tha fuel line off and unscrew the gas valve, take the bottom off of the gas valve using a 13mm socket or a wrench not pliers, and clean it. Then blow air through it, before putting it back on flush out the gas tank. Replace the 3/16" gas line and put a gas line filter in it too. That should help.

Re: gas line?? need help, honda hobbit

yea, sounds like the carb is blocked, kinda a pain the ass to remove it (remove the frame from the eng.) BUT you can try one simple thing- if you look at the carb there is the idle ajst. screw, unscrew the screw all the way out and you will notice a small bolt kinda under where the idle screw was(you can only unscrew that little bolt with the idle screw all the way out)

remove that bolt and spray some carb cleaner and some compressed air into that little hole, you will also want to remove the fuel air screw before you do all this(other little screw on the carb) what your doing is clearing out the idle fuel circuit. i JUST did on my hobbit yesterday and she's running great,

let me know


BlueCat Motors-

Re: gas line?? need help, honda hobbit

If you do _anything but_ clean and restore that entire fuel system, from the gas cap all the way to the intake manifold, you will be wasting your time.. and when you put it back together, make sure there are no leaks, fuel or vacuum.

Re: gas line?? need help, honda hobbit

Joe Wilcox /

thanks alot guys, i'll give that a try as soon as i get a chance and let you know how it turns out, i appreciate it.


couple more ?'s

Joe Wilcox /

i couldn't find anywhere where i needed to use a 13mm to get anything off, i pulled off the fuel line and took off the bottom and cleaned and blew air through it, as well as the filter (by the way, if i wanted to buy a new filter, where would i find one?) and to drain the gas out do i just have to let it sit there and drip, thats what it is doing right now. and to flush it out should i just stick a hose in it and let er run? thanks alot for the help guys, i'm hopin to get her runnin soon here.

Re: couple more ?'s

Edward Edwards /

Here is what I did, some other people might have a better idea. Take the tank off the frame, seal the bottom maybe with a cork put some BBs in the tank along with some gas. Now shake the hell out of the tank, then drain it, you might have to do it twice. Put the fuel valve back on, the gas should flow freely now.

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