Honda SE50 Throtle cable replacement

here the problem im having with my friends scooter we needed to replace the throttle cable and its the dual ended kind, so the end that goes into carb has this little brass thing that sits inside a gray cap like thing that unscrews from the top of the carb i have tried everything short of heating the damn thing and ripping it out of the top of this little fucker and im coming to my wits end with this given the same repair on my columbia would have taken a total of 20min or less given the caffeine level so if anybody has had this or similar problems and would help me out that would be greatly appreciated thanks


Re: Honda SE50 Throtle cable replacement

Try compressing the spring by pushing the gray cap, aka slide toward the knob that screws to the top of the carb. The throttle cable will then come out the bottom of the slide, guide it through the slot and remove it.

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