Motobecane Brakes

My rear brake isn't working at all and i have no clue why. I took the wheel off and checked the pads, they looked fine. I cleaned them off with Comet and cleaned the rest of the brake assembly off with a degreaser. The springs are fine, the cable is hooked up perfectly. I squeeze the brake lever, and i see it pulling the brake, so i assume the pads are squeezing. but i can ride full speed with the brake clenched all the way. Any suggestions short of buying a new brake?

Re: Motobecane Brakes

See Ya Moped Army /

Make sure the cable isn't hanging up inside the outer sleeve. Also, how thick are the pads?

Re: Motobecane Brakes

The cable is set up fine as far as i can tell, and the guys at '77 Mopeds told me the pads were in decent order. Probably 2 or 3 mm thick. How thick should they be?

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