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Ben Van Zoest /

Not sure what Puch drive chain to buy. My PuchMaxi has a rusty crunchy sounding stretched chain..

I found ANSI #40 roller chain resembles to Puch roller chain in pitch, roller dia. and width.

The chain offered by McMasterCarr, item nr. 6261K533 is $2.89 per/ft x5 reasonable priced.

I know a new chain made a lot of difference on my bicycle, easier to peddle w/ less resistance and not audible.

Anyone has used this source?

Re: Roller chain

M-C is a good place, but not the cheapest. But, that price doesn't sound bad. I just bought a 10 foot piece of #25 heavyduty rollerchain for $33.00. BTW, guess what the same length of stainless steel #25 roller chain goes for? Would you believe $130.00...and that's with a discount. I about fell over when I heard that!

Re: Roller chain

Jason Luther /

what do you mean by 'stretched' chain? can a chain go bad?-jason

Re: Roller chain

Ben Van Zoest /

Yes, they do... I have washed and soaked existing chains, re-lubed overnight in oil baths. The Puch chain still felt stiff. Stretch they do, one can tell by laying a brand new chain next to old. In the case of the peddle chain, the ped has 2200 mls on the odo, which I replace with a like new discarded kids bike plated chain (oilless) it was 1/4" shorter, same pitch.

In my humble opinion at high speed an overly stretched chain 'climbs' the sprocket teeth it thus becomes in theory tighter, translate friction. I seen that problem in many factories poorly maintained conveyor drives causing crunching noise and erratic belt movement.

In answer to suppliers, anyone w/ a good credit card can buy small quantities from McMC. # 40 roller chain comes w/ one linkage set.

Re: Roller chain

Allen Murphy /

I've purchased BMX bike chain (425H) from a local bike shop for 11.95--works great!

Al Murphy

Re: Roller chain

Ben Van Zoest /

Will look in to that, Thanks...

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