motobecane runs, but wont idle (stalls)

problem: my ped will start up and it will rev, but when i let off the throttle it stalls out. no idle. im thinking of just getting a new carb because mine leaks from where the fuel filter is located. apperantly the compression has been increased slightly too, but like i said it starts and i can ride it just fine, it just wont idle.

things ive checked that are ok:

-compression release

-throttle cable tension

-choke cable tension

-replaced old fuel line

time for a dellorto 15/15? could it be something un-related to the carb? thanks!

Re: motobecane runs, but wont idle (stalls)

PS: i can get it up to almost 35mph, but when i stop... yenno. no idle!

Re: motobecane runs, but wont idle (stalls)

have you adjusted the idle?

Re: motobecane runs, but wont idle (stalls)

yea, i turned the idle screw all the way in, backed it out incrementally and same thing everytime. it just refuses to idle.

Re: motobecane runs, but wont idle (stalls)

I have 2 running mobies, 1 idles, 1 will not. I have heard that mobies are just bad idlers. I can not figure it out either.

Re: motobecane runs, but wont idle (stalls)

Leon Swarmer /

will it idle when it is on the center stand? if the anser is yes on the stand and no on the groudn you coudl be looking at a clutch that isn't quite releasing,

but I'd want to fix that fuel leak first and then look again.

Re: motobecane runs, but wont idle (stalls)

even when its on the stand it wont idle. also when its at lower rpm it hesitates to accelerate but once it does it runs fine

Re: motobecane runs, but wont idle (stalls)

i'm not sure, but is there a pilot(idle) jet and a main?

that was just the case in my honda hobbit it was, of corse, the idle circut blocked

Re: motobecane runs, but wont idle (stalls)

as far as i know there is an idle circuit and a main circuit, and im not exactly sure how to clear out the idle... do i just unscrew the idle screw and spray some carb cleaner through?

-update! it idled for 5 seconds today! then it stalled and went back to not idling. aye. however, i did fix the gas leak... but it didnt fix the idle problem. after fixing it i tried incrementally backing out the adjuster screw but to no avail. at least my dad is happy in not spilling gas all over his driveway now hehe.

Re: motobecane runs, but wont idle (stalls)

My moby idles, as long as i don't let go of the throttle all the way while I'm stopped....

If it gets some quality warmup time, it should idle fine as long as the idle is set properly. Also, mine refuses to consistently idle with the lights on, so i have to give it gas while I'm stopped at night or turn the light off. I dunno, mobylettes are just weird.

Re: motobecane runs, but wont idle (stalls)

There is a litle screw under the port that attaches to the engine. This is the access to the idle circuit, clean out this passage with carb cleaner. That should fix your problem.

Re: motobecane runs, but wont idle (stalls)

update idles!! i really got into it today, took off the carb and flushed the idle circuit again and this time used a little piece of speaker wire to poke loose anything that might have been deposited. it still wouldnt idle, but i could tell it was getting closer. i wound up taking out the plug and testing the spark, which was also fine but the gap looked a little large so i bent the electrode a tad more. still no idle, but then randomly the throttle cable came loose at the grip! it must have been slipping? so i tightened it really good and adjusted the screw at the handle while i had it running until it idled better, then i made adjustments at the carb, and at the handle again. a little trial and error, but now it runs perfectly and the clutch disengages without stalling at every stop! thanks you guys for all the ideas! about time to order a helmet now heheh.

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