What's your FA50 Compression?

I am curious what is the normal compression on a FA50. Also how many kicks do you give it when you take your measurement. Using an automotive, screw in type gauge, I have about 75-80 after about 5 kicks. The bike starts up on the 1st kick and runs well. It is just slower than the elite 50 I drug home this past weekend. The Honda 50 will outrun the Suzuki with no problem. I cleaned the exhaust port and it is a little better but maybe an overhaul in needed. I really don't want to join all of you in the 70CC upgrade that's in progress. My boys don't need any help going too fast. The brakes are not that good to stop young riders learning to judge distance. Thanks in advance

Re: What's your FA50 Compression?

I'm pretty sure that's low. I had a new piston and cylindere put in mine and it registered well over 100. I did have the head shaved a bit, so that boosted it up more, b ut still, I believe you should be getting higher readings.

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