Puch wheel bearings

Does a Puch Magnum II use a sealed bearing, or the cup type bearing? This would be for the rear wheel.

Re: Puch wheel bearings

Hey, can I add my similar question to that please? My spoked rear rim needs both bearings and cup. How many bearings? Eleven? Twelve per side? And what size? I've gotten different answers from three different persons. 7/32,1/8,1/4? Moped warehouse offered only 7/32s on web site. Opinions?

Re: Puch wheel bearings

I thought they were all 1/4" in those Grimecas............maybe they ARE 7/32". They come pre-packaged from Akron Moped in packs of twenty balls, but I usually just pickthem up at Handy Bikes when I'm in Columbus. They take 11 balls in the rear wheel,i'm pretty sure. If the front axle is smaller, it takes 10 balls.

Call Ike or ChrisMWH to double-check. don-ohio

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