Hole in carb float

I got a 1983 honda passport. Its linking all over the place and we pinpointed that there was a hole in the float. Because the float would get logged there was no restriction on how much gas was flowing. I tried to use an epoxy for plastic, but it only held for a day. I'm assuming that it isn't gas resistant. Is there anyt other kind of epoxys, glues, or sealants that would be able to handle the gasoline.



Re: Hole in carb float

Leon Swarmer /


This is prolly what you need. I've used gasket sealer and it worked for a little while, but it was not on a carb float near an exhaust pipe.

This would be a whole lot safer..check for fit.


Re: Hole in carb float

Is it a plastic or metal float? I believe that JB weld would work fine in the gas, I'm not 100% sure how well it works with plastic, but if done right on metal it works great, I am using some on a carb right now.

Re: Hole in carb float

Jim Fitzgerald /

I used Krazy Glue on my plastic float, and it worked for over a week before I replaced it. Who knows how long it would have lasted if I had just left it in...When I took it out there was no gas inside the float, so Krazy Glue might be a good choice...

Re: Hole in carb float

Seal All glue seems to work in gas. I have used it on car gas tanks with a metal screw and it last forever. I should work on plastic if it doesn't melt it.

Re: Hole in carb float

i have an old bing carb you can have for $15

if you need it

Re: Hole in carb float

ive heard solder works well

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