electrical question

can i jump a moped/scooter battery with a car battery???

they would be both 12volts. can this cause any damage to the electrical system???

i have a honda gyro i just picked up, and the battery is pretty much toast, but it runs good.

thank you ahead of time.


Re: electrical question

Leon Swarmer /

hmmm I used to do this with a big Yammer I had, but it had points. I also made a pair of little tiny jumpers for the job with aligator clips. not sure I'd do it on a bike with cdI though.

Wait for other opinions.


Re: electrical question

Don Pflueger /

yes you can as long as the car is not running. the car charges with too many amps and will fry a bikes regulator and charging system. but if the car isnt running, the bike will only draw the amps it needs.

Re: electrical question

thanks don, i appreciate it.

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