nc50, no spark!

after a new spark plug, new points, and a new key, i still have no spark.

im thinking its the coil, because i had only one point of continuity when i tested as per the manual suggests. so when i bought a "working one" off ebay, same thing, it only had one point of continuity, but the seller says it came off a running scooter.

what do i do now?

Re: nc50, no spark!

Leon Swarmer /

Do your lights come on when you spin the engine?

all it takes to kill the spark is one wire that is grounding out where it shouldn't. Check around your kill switch.

I see you are a newbee. You did gap the points and plug and set the timng didn't you??

Is there a battery in your bike? If not disconnect the headlight now or pay $30 for a new headlight when you do get it fired up

Is the battery charged? are the connections clean?


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