Need rear tail light/blinker for 81 HondaExpress2

I talked my sister into getting a Honda express like mine for school, so we won one on e-bay, but after winning the auction the guy told us that the whole rear tail light/blinker assembly had been removed while the bike had been moved from another location. Can someone please tell me if they would have one of these things for sale including the whole rubber license plate holder. Plus, any info on if the NC50 parts would work, and which years will work. Thanks a lot.

Re: Need rear tail light/blinker for 81 HondaExpre

Leon Swarmer /

were these pictured on the bike in the auction??

if they were, make the seller get the lights

or cut your price.

81 has cdi but I don't think that makes any difference in the lighting

are the front turnsignals still on it?

lots of folk on this board have express bits, or e-bay


Re: Need rear tail light/blinker for 81 HondaExpre

Jason Rundle /

They were in the pic, but he e-mailed us after we won telling us about it and offered to lower the cost from 338 to 300, or we could opt not to buy. I've been searching on e-bay, to no avail, and from a supplier all the stupid things are close to $200. I don't really know if the hassle is worth 38 bucks if I can't find it fast. Thanks again.


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