Fixed the puch muffler bolt problem

Well my muffler shot the baffle, AGAIN, even after trying high-temp thread lock on the bolt(s) (two of them this time),

So this time I rode, loud as hell, down to the performance shop I know the guys at, and had them drill a pilot and sink a 1" screw into the side of the muffler about an inch from the end to keep the baffle in...

This does two things:

1)keeps the baffle in the god forsaken pipe,

2)sits the baffle about 1 inch from where it should be... a nice chop sound at idle and gave me a little more low end (like riding without the baffle does) without the ear bleeding siren of a ped without a muffler.

Wish I had a pic but its nighttime right now.

If you are having these issues, just drill a screw in there so the baffle stops at it, no use dicking around with threadlock and nuts that dont fit.

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