Finishing my BOMBSHELL 95 tomos targa

i have a 95 tomos targa i just COMPLETELY overhauled, ITS INSANE, ill post pics for all soon, but i'm having trouble getting the wiring to work, i found some schematics, but i'm confused, i have four whires going for the headlight, white, blue , brown, grey, but only three plugs, if any body could tell me what to do, or take a picture of there wiring, please help, i wanaa run it on the streets asap. I put a 64cc poloni kit, 15mm delorto carb, bullet exhaust and custom intake manifold, and 70cc athena head. also, what plug number should i use?

Re: Finishing my BOMBSHELL 95 tomos targa

John Joedicke /

White and blue are to the bulb (can't remember which is high or low) Brown is ground and disregard the greys as they are not used. Used a L 86 C Champion plug

Re: Finishing my BOMBSHELL 95 tomos targa


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