Repair shop in Chicago suburbs

We have an inherited a Columbia moped that ran great in the early 80's but stood idle for most of the 90s. We have only been able to start it a few times.

Know a moped repair shop in the western suburbs of Chicago?

Any other advice?

Re: Repair shop in Chicago suburbs

wbarron- i found one that will work on mopeds in my yellow pages, if i can find it when i get home i will let you know. I don't remember off the top of my head at the moment. Also if you're feeling up to it Fred's guide is not a bad read, find it under articles on this site. Should you decide you don't want the ped i'm still looking! ;)


Re: Repair shop in Chicago suburbs

Hello Wbarron my name is kyle and i may be able to help you out for a very cheap price, My website is call my cell phone



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