Case of the Slows

Around 3 weeks ago (maybe even more, can't remember) I attemped a 60+ mile ride when my TOMOS LX over heated on me 20 miles in. Recently though, my moped has been noticeablely slower and is going 38-40 when it was cable of doing 42-45. I do have 3700 miles on it w/ 2 soft seizes and original engine/trans parts (after the seizes I was still able to see the cross-hatch and both times my performance wasn't affected). Anyway, I am wondering weather the over heating incident finally did my engine in or could it just be my clutches and chain being worn out?

Re: Case of the Slows

Arthur Wells /

"able to see the crosshatch."

How were you able to see them?

Did you remove the cylinder off of the piston?

After your soft-seizes did you replace your piston or the piston rings?

I have had 2 soft seizes also on a new Tomos and I noticed a small loss of low-end torque (power) when starting from a dead start or going up hill.

I don't know what to do?

What are you going to do about your situtaion?

Re: Case of the Slows

Well, I didn't replace anything after any of the problems I had so this why I think my engine might be shot. Then again I think my clutches might be slipping since it is just about time for me to replace them. I'm probably going to replace the clutches and if that doesn't solve the problem, I'm either going to bore out my cylinder to 38.5mm or get the Airsal Kit.

Re: Case of the Slows

Leppy The Lepracaun /

i think i have the same problem bassman but what sucks for me is mine is goin about 28 mph and i have had many seizes and overheating issues. so i replaced the oil lines hopiong that would fix it but it wasnt the oil, i think i have that fuel/air ratio problem thing. ya know. rich or lean crap. well anyways im gonna get a 70 cc kit like you and hopefully get my moped fixed and up and running for the price of just installing the kit.

Re: Case of the Slows

Arthur Wells /

leppy, after my soft seizes my dealership upjetted my moped to a #60. Now I ride full throttle for many miles with no problems. But I still lack power on the take off and while going up hills.

I'd like to get a 70cc kit and new muffler but I don't want to end up in jail again. Lost my license for assumed DUI ; although I hadn't been drinking. I was just a dumb ass and refused to blow in their breath alyzer and got a one year loss of license. I was like WTF? We live in the Police States of AmeriKa. Land of the Fee and home of the Slave!!

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