4 stroking

Marco Parducci /

I am almost positive my Garelli SS is 4 stroking. I have cleaned the carb out numerous times and have checked the float and needle several times, yet can't get it to stop 4 stroking. Any ideas on how to fix this. I know how to adjust the idle mix, but I have no idea where the fuel mix control is. It has a Delberto (sp?) carb.

Re: 4 stroking

if you know for a fact,that your four stroking, the only way yo fix that problem is to down jet to a smaller numbered main jet.

take your float bowl off, and unscrew your main jet. whatever numbered jet you have,get a couple sizes smaller.

four stroking means your running with way too much gas, not enough air.

Re: 4 stroking

Re: 4 stroking

Don Pflueger /

if it ran good before it started 4 stroking, clean your exhaust and air box out.

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