kaput :( [nc50 express]


Was coming up the hill on my normal commute home last night and my wee nc50 express was having real trouble - after slowing down to 5mph she cut out and wouldn't restart with the kick start jammed.

got her home and eventually she started but didn't sound the same. then when took her to work this morning she cut out again. can start her up but she cuts out after a minute or two and defo doesn't have the oomph she had before. she sounds different with the exhaust less raspy.

not sure if knackered the automatic gears or exhaust or what?

any suggestions on a postcard or email or just post on the board please.

cole (who is not looking forward to walking up the hill this evening!)

Re: kaput :( [nc50 express]

hey - same thing happend to me w.the kick start jammed... how did you fix this??? thanks...dirk

Re: kaput :( [nc50 express]

thats not a honda express frame

Re: kaput :( [nc50 express]

I think it probably is an Express frame, at first I was thinking it was a single import from Japan not made for US sales, but then I realized that the owner lives in England, so it is probably the style of frame used for that year over there, bikes did have differences, even in the same year, due to the country that the were manufactured to be sold in

Re: kaput :( [nc50 express]

It looks like a qt50 frame and I do not believe they varied by country.

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