Francisco Samayoa /

Can I fix this or is better to go to the Moped shop?

Tomos A35 I put a bullet exhaust like a month ago.

Is liking oil and noise. Please help. any suggestions?



Re: Help!Pic/attached

Does that pic show that you broke an exhaust stud off in the cyl.? Yeah, just unbolt the exhaust, take off the head,slip off the cylinder, and take it to a machine shop to get the stud removed AND REPLACED. don-ohio (:^)

Re: Help!Pic/attached

Don Pflueger /

pull the oil pump off and throw it away. the premix at 40:1. replace the cylinder with an airsal kit, and upjet your carb.

Re: Help!Pic/attached

If it is still leaking after you fixed the stud, try using two exhaust gaskets.

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