non starting puch magnum, electrical questions

I have just become the proud owner of my first moped, a puch magnum mk II. Sadly the little beast won't start. I'll do my best to describe what's going on....

Firstly, my moped knowledgable friend looked over the points and the carb and didn't notice any problems there. I can get a spark when holding the spark plug up to metal, but only a very very weak one. It definitely sparks better when holding the wire to metal without the plug involved, but it is still not much of a spark.

My wiring is pretty ugly; the speedometer and the tail light are gone, the head light is unplugged. These cables are all out and not connected to anything. I am sure this is problematic, to say the least. The kill switch is a little melted and I don't trust it at all. Is it possible, just while figuring this mess out to switch the wires so it is always in run position?

The fuel tap is only in the on position - it doesn't do anything when you turn it. Gas flows out at full blast when you unplug the hose from the carb, but when you plug it into the carb a big air bubble appears and only by hitting the little button on the carb can I get gas to go down the tube.

This is the oil injector model of the magnum, but it is disconnected. There's still the tube running from the carb to the oil injector, but over by the gas tank the oil tank isn't connected to anything.

Yikes, it sounds grim. I have practically zero experience with mopeds, but my friend is quite knowledgable. I'm just trying to get some help to get him going in the right direction since he is more of a scooter whiz. When I try to start up the moped it sounds like it does when you try to start up one with the kill switch on 'off' by mistake. Funnily enough when I turn the kill switch to off, and pedal really hard I can hear a wheezing dying horn sound, which leads me to believe it might be wired backwards. Alas, turning the lights or horn on didn't start it. oh well.



Re: non starting puch magnum, electrical questions

go here first, and read the ENTIRE article.

Re: non starting puch magnum, electrical questions

Re: non starting puch magnum, electrical questions

then go here:

to get the service manual/diagram.

then clean out your carb, petcock valve, exhaust, exhaust port, clean, and set your points, set your timing.

if you need any parts:

Re: non starting puch magnum, electrical questions

Tab Patterson /

Also...make sure there is a complete circuit in the horn wiring. It's common for 1 lead to fall out of the horn itself...causing the bike not to fire. I don't know why they made them like that.

Re: non starting puch magnum, electrical questions

"I don’t know why they made them like that."

we may never

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