why does my ciao stall?

Jim Fitzgerald /

My Ciao ran great after I fixed the float, but after I went a few miles it got real sluggish and died. It starts after a lot of pedaling on the center stand, but it backfires and runs real crappy, and and as soon as the back wheel stops, it dies again. When it does run, it is real slow and gets half-second spurts of acceleration. I am sick of fixing this POS and any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

PS - It does have fuel in the tank.

Re: why does my ciao stall?

Don Pflueger /

check your cylinder head bolt torque, and your decompression valve. somethings leaking air or your points have moisture in them. cleaning the points is a real pain tho, so check the head out first. to get to the points you have to pull the engine off. and then you'll be seriously calling this bike a pos.

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