My Motobecane is almost great!

I feel like I have done everything right, Right now my 50v starts right up, and runs great for a minute or two, then it stops. It will start up again, but stall out quicker. then after a few more starts, it will not fire at all.

Here is a list of things I have done

-I have cleaned out the carb well

-I have replaced the condensor

-I have cleaned and set the points to Motobecane specs

-I have set, and reset the timing cam

-The gas cap vent is clean and clear

-I have a new plug

-The gas is new and mixed correctly

-Fuel flow from the tank is not obstructed

This bike has not been able to run standing still (idle) in quite some time, even with the idle screw turned in all the way. I do not know if that is related.

Any ideas would be great.

Re: My Motobecane is almost great!

You still got that passport?

Re: My Motobecane is almost great!

yeh i do- and I'm still not going to sell it for $70

but this post is about my moby

Re: My Motobecane is almost great!

Don Pflueger /

your fuel lines are soft and mushy inside and collapse as the engine runs.

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