so my bike was running and when i tried to start it again it wouldn't go. I figured out that i couldn't get a spark from my plug. which is good cause i checked it in a buddy's ped. so i'm thinking it 's either a wiring problem or maybe a spark plug boot that is foul. what do you think? i've got gas and compression but no spark so i'm not going anywhere. please suggestions would be great.

i cleaned everything and checked my exhaust and nothing is clogged so i'm not sure what the problem is. i had a pretty bumpy ride so i might have disconnected a wire somewhere.



Don Pflueger /

your plug worked in your buddies ped, but did you check it in your own ped? there could be numerous things wrong, but trying things on your buddies bike doesnt help yours at all. you need to test it on your bike and get back to us.

or, spray some carb cleaner in the carb throat. then try to start the bike. if it fires up you have a fuel problem. if it does nothing, you have an electrical or compression problem.


First make sure the taillight bulb is working just in case they grounded the ignition thru it.

Then make sure the kill switch is not grounded when it's in the `run' position.

Malaguti may be a Franco-Morini or Minarelli powered moped, so you have to have the points cleaned and filed, and gapped at .015"(fifteen thousandths of an inch) or maybe a hair less.

Yeah, it could be a bad sparkplug boot, but I doubt it. If it's a `metal-shielded' boot, discard it and replace it. don-ohio


thanks, i'll try to work on the points today. it's just frustrating cause it was running fine earlier and then all of a sudden i'm stranded down town. i'm not very familiar with electrical work so i'll probably leave that to my friend. but i have ruled out the plug it'self cause it works fine and i'll probably try to do the carb thing that donp was talking about too. thanks again


Hope you get `er running `like a scalded dog'! don-ohio


Got it firured out it was the points, thanks a lot. actually it was a lot less then i tought it would be.

Thanks again.

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