no lights, no fun!!

Dan Schweizer /

alrite here it is: i had just purchased a 45 watt bulb for my tomos 3 days earlier, and me and my friend and coming home and my hi beam light starts flashing. so i switch to hi beams and they turn off! so i switch back to low beams then they turn off like 4 secs later! so now im riding with to lights, on a road i dont no to well about 4 miles from my house! has anyone had this problem?? has anyone tried a halogen bulb, cuz i wanna try that but idk it will work as well. oh and by the way i bought the bulb from mwh!

Re: no lights, no fun!!

WAY too much wattage,Dan. They should be 25 watt and up to 35 watt..............that's it. don-ohio

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