78 pa50 II Honda Hobbit thingy

Well my bike loses about 5 mph. At full throttle it will get kinda throaty and speed up then cut back, speed up, drop back etc. Sometimes it stays at about 25 mph (again 5mph under) Other times it jumps up and down. My carb is imaculet, no clogs very clean. When i take my air filter out I get my 5 mph back. It's a little louder (obviousely) but runs better but eventually doesn't do too hot because it's getting too much air. My air element is new and clean, and the air box is uncloged and clean as well.

It seems my bike is starving for air. Why? Whats wrong w/ my ped!? Oh yes, I removed my muffler to find that it did the same thing (and practically lost my hearing too!)

any ideas?



Re: 78 pa50 II Honda Hobbit thingy

it sounds like you have poor or inconsistent fuel flow to the carb.. Disconnect the fuel line and drain some fuel into a container.. There should be a thick steady stream of fuel in the ON and RESERVE petcock positions.

If your tank is or was rusty, another suspect is the cap's vent. Caps rust internally and clog the vent.. This causes a vacuum, slight or complete..

A bad vent is hard to detect on the center stand but one symptom is erratic running at top speed. (i cracked open my cap and cleaned it out.. it was literally packed with rust.. problem solved)

These bikes suck the gas and if fuel flow cant keep up, top speed suffers..

Assuming the filter element is clean and there are no foreign blockages in the metal can or rubber intake, leave the air box and filter alone.. A healthy, totally stock bike will run at 30mph+ forever..

Re: 78 pa50 II Honda Hobbit thingy

before crackin open the gas cap, is it wise to run the ped w/ out the cap to test? Or will I not get a accurate test being that the cap is off......or somthin :)

thnx again joe


Re: 78 pa50 II Honda Hobbit thingy

sure.. Take a good ride with the cap off.. make it at least a few miles. If you are lucky, the problem sudedenly went away.

If not, give everything related to fuel delivery a careful looking over.

btw, More than one person in this forum has traced this problem to a gasoline level that was near the top of the RESERVE tube in the gastank.. the moral is to not overlook the obvious, stupid little things..

Re: 78 pa50 II Honda Hobbit thingy

well i rode around w/ out the cap after awhile the problem went away. But after awhile it was just cut out, loike it wasn't getting any gas. It never did that before but I'm assuming it might be a combination of the cap and some other fuel delivery prob like ya said. I started poorin outside so I had to cut the diagnosis short. I'll check the bike agaion on a free day. Thnx again i'll keep ya posted


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