as i was cleaning my carb today i noticed i kept getting dripped on, turns out it was coming from the corner of my gas tank. which i have since removed and am drying out. but what should i use to seal the hole. it's not very big only about this big * or about the size of the tip of a pen. but it was leaking steadily. is this something i could use epoxy or bondo on? or am i going to have to soder or weld a piece of metal on to it? any help would be great,


oh it's on the other side then petcock, so that is not the problem.

Re: HOLE in my GAS TANK!!

there is a gas tank repair kit, kind of like a epoxy you can use, check at your local auto parts store

it's also sandable so you can work it into the hole in the tank then sand it flat

Re: HOLE in my GAS TANK!!

thanks, i was worried that gas might be too volitile for epoxy to hold. i have a 2 part epoxy but i have only used it on plastic and metal never where it would be in contact with a harsh substance.

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