Ciao/Dellorto carb leak

Jim Fitzgerald /

Help!! My Carburetor leaks gas whenever the fuel is in the open or reserve position. I thought it was leaking from the banjo union, but it is actually leaking from where the throttle unit attaches to the carburetor. There is a small hole next to where one of the screws goes in, and it leaks from there. I took the whole carb apart, and it looks like this hole serves no purpose except maybe to provide air to the carb bowl. Has this happened to anyone else, and how did you fix it? I will upload a pic of the hole that I am talking about in a little while. I tried plugging the hole, and then it just leaks from somewhere else. Is there something wrong with the float needle, maybe? I checked it and it seems to be moving fine...

Re: Ciao/Dellorto carb leak

Jim Fitzgerald /

Here is a pic of the same carb as mine. The fuel leaks out of the hole in the top right corner of the picture. Not the big hole where the spring and the throttle assembly goes, but the little one just ot the left of it. Does anybody know why?


Re: Ciao/Dellorto carb leak

I suggest to try to reseat the top of the carb. That hole should be covered and as you say not leak gas.

Either your float needle valve is defective or not seating properly to stop the flow of gas in to the float bowl.

Also make sure your float pin is allowing the float to move freely up and down.

Re: Ciao/Dellorto carb leak

Don Pflueger /

that hole is a vent to allow air to fill the space in the bowl where the fuel left as the engine runs, therefore eliminating a vacuum situation which will result in a vapor lock. there are 4 things that will cause the problem you have.

worn inlet needle and seat

dirt in between the inlet needle and seat

leaky float

hinge pin binding

Re: Ciao/Dellorto carb leak

Bruce Wilkinson /

I had a needle not seating properly because there was a small notch worn in the float slot and the needle would get caught on it. bruce

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