motobecane help!

I cannot get my moby 50 to run! I thought it was fuel, but I’ve cleaned the living *&%$# out of the carb. It will flood if I crank it too long. I think it must be electrical, but I’ve replaced the plug and the coil is lighting the dash lights while I pedal. I’m lost now. HELP!!! It’s hot and I want out!



Re: motobecane help!

You haven't said if you have spark to the plug? Take it out, and reattach the plug wire and ground it's tip on the head or good solid metal(make sure the kill switch is is the run position). Then kick over the engine and see if a spark jumps the plug gap.

If it doesn't, clean and gap the points. Those MBKs had condensor problems a lot of times.

I don't know whether a blown taillight bulb would kill the ignition on some of them,like other bikes.


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