Honda SS50

Dear members, I am currently fixing up a 1977 honda SS50 5 speed. the problem I am having is that I am having to guess things like the valve clearances and points gap. Indeed the correct spark plug.

The problem being I cannot obtain a manual. I am rather hoping one of you lot could either give me some specifications,

or point me in the direction to obtain a manual or a copy of one

heres hoping

regards Reptile

Re: Honda SS50

I can't help you on the SS manual, but I do belive that it uses the 3 speed auto clutch 4 stroke motor? If it does I can get you a manul for that, most of the old Honda's used about the same motors, I'm pretty sure the SS is the same one I'm thinking.

Re: Honda SS50

Re: Honda SS50

Re: Honda SS50

"Is this": what your bike looks like? If it is I can hook you up with a free online copy of the manual, it is the same motor used on most older little Hondas, does it have a clutch or is it auto clutch.

Re: Honda SS50

Gary Court /

Yes my bike looks very similar. There is an exact spec machine. It is the green one moped mania photo gallery.

I very much appreciate your assistance


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