vespa ciao gas leak

my Vespa Ciao has a gas leak at the carb (it looks like the banjo union is leaking the fuel). I tried tightening it but that doesn't do anything. There is a gasket on it, but it doesn't seem to do any good. Any suggestions? Can I get all-purpose gasket material and make a new one? Should I get a new fuel line?

Re: vespa ciao gas leak

I have Vespa carb rebuild kits for $17.95. Includes the red fiber washer under the fuel intake and the washer for the fuel intake securing bolt.

Email me if you want a kit.

Re: vespa ciao gas leak

Bruce Wilkinson /

I have tried to tighten that bolt and stripped the thread on the carb from over tightening. If you have done this, you will need to buy a new carb body. I did fix mine by filling the hole with JB weld and tapping it with new threads.If it is not stripped,buy the kit from Zippy. That size fiber washers are very hard to find.bruce

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