Vespa Ciao ran fine yesterday, not today...

Jim Fitzgerald /

My Ciao ran OK yesterday, but today I started it and it ran for a few minutes then died. When I went to start it I noticed that the guys in the restaurant next to where I parked my moped had hosed off the sidewalk and got a little water on my moped. As soon as it started running I noticed a little smoke coming from inside the engine area. (I'm not sure exactly where.) Also, I noticed some oily, gassy stuff dripping from under my exhaust. The crankcase has always been caked in oil and it ran fine before, but I'm wondering if that might have something to do with it. Although it ran OK for a few minutes when I first started it up, now it dies after a few seconds. Could there be a gas leak or something? The carb is tight, and there are no holes in the fuel line. Where else could it be leaking from?

Re: Vespa Ciao ran fine yesterday, not today...

Bruce Wilkinson /

It may have been steam from the water on the outside of the engine that caused the smoke.You mentioned in another post that the banjo was leaking. Is that the leak ? If not then is your cylinder head on tight ? Gas leaking out the muffler usually means you forgot to turn the petcock off. The only two liquids are the gas oil mixture and the gear oil in the rear hub. It does not have an " oil " tank.Try starting it and giving it throttle for 5 mimutes to evaporate any water that's in the motor area and on the wires. bruce

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