Minarelli help!

I've been working on a 1988 motori Minarelli. not sure if I spelled that right.

well I know the carbuerator is fine. is the delorto sha 14 12 the stock carb?

and is there anyway to identify it.

it is a top tank model I can post a picture if that will help.

I have no spark as of right now.

I was wondering how you check to see if your coils work?


Re: Minarelli help!

Don Pflueger /

the 14/12 sha is the stock carb for a single speed minerelli. there are service manuals for that engine at www.mopedriders.org in the repair section. if i remember correctly there is a red, blue, and black? wires coming out of the magneto. if you plug the red and blue wires into the ht coil, you should get spark providing that your points and condensor are good. to test everything, use a volt meter on each of the wires. one lead on the wire, the other lead to the engine block. two wires will have power as the engine is turned over, one will not. the wire that does not have power needs to be tested with an ohm meter, or a battery powered test light. hook either up and if the points are working, you will get infinite readings the ol readings as the engine turns or the test light will flash on and off. if you get neither, clean the points and set them at .016".

Re: Minarelli help!

thanks so much don. I don't know what'd I do without you. haha

Re: Minarelli help!

Don Pflueger /

your welcome. let me know how you make out.

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