Repairing a 63 Puch

Hi, I'm interested in getting a moped and found one being sold down the street from me for $75. It's a 63 Puch, its more or less disassembled, and the engine is seized. Most of the parts seem to be there. My question is how hard would it be to get the engine unstuck? And how hard would it be to get this thing to run? Also are parts hard to get/expensive?



Re: Repairing a 63 Puch

Is it a Sears Allstate type MS50? check out this link

Degree of difficulty of getting the engine unstuck depends.

Pretty old engine. If the crank is rusted and stuck you got big problems. Parts are hard to find but you could try

Used body parts are here and there on EBay, maybe even an old running engine or another parts bike

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