Help get my Honda Express 2 get to full speed

I have a 1980 Honda Express 2 and it is running great now that I cleaned the carb out, but it isn't running very fast for how good it sounds. I can only get it to about 25. When it gets to top speed I can feel the clutch grab the next gear and I get a surge of power and then when I reach about 26 mph it drops a gear and goes back down to 24 mph. How can I make it stay in this higher gear? I feel I could be getting close to 30 if it would stay in the top gear. It's been suggested that I may have too thick of transmission fluid, but I bought the bike with only 127 miles on it, so I imagine it to be the original fluid. Maybe it just needs some new clean fluid? It has also been suggested that I may be running too rich, so I moved the c-clip on the throttle cable one notch with no change. I also grilled the muffler and still nothing. Anything would help!

Re: Help get my Honda Express 2 get to full speed

Leon Swarmer /

manual says the 1-2 shift should hit at 12-13 mph.

Even though the miles are few, that lubricant is OLD, and you don't know what it is. .079US quart of 10w40 motor oil doesn't cost much. look for non detergent

Re: Help get my Honda Express 2 get to full speed

I know there is no Non-Detergent 10W40 around here, so be prepared to just use detergent type 10W40.

We CAN get ND 20W and 30W though. don-ohio

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