Broken Pedals on Puch Maxi

I just broke the pedals on my 77 puch maxi. I went down to the bike shop to see if maybe they could replace them for a fair price. I can't get the pedals off. Do i have to get special pedals for it or can they be any bike pedals. It kind of looks like the they're attached to the gear.

Thanks in advance


Re: Broken Pedals on Puch Maxi

they are regular bike pedals, i believe. i thought the same as you at one time.

they might be rusted on, but they do come off. try spraying wd40, or pb blaster, and let it sit for awhile.

Re: Broken Pedals on Puch Maxi

there 9/16 thread i got some platfrom pedals on my chopper check the pic out



Re: Broken Pedals on Puch Maxi

Leon Swarmer /

are you remembering that the left one is left hand thread

clockwise to loosen

Re: Broken Pedals on Puch Maxi

I'm still having trouble. I'm not exactly sure how to get them off at all. I took off the nut on the right pedal assuming that it would just slide off. It seems as though theirs a scres that goes all the way through. How do i get it off?

Re: Broken Pedals on Puch Maxi

Puch pedals are a 2 piece system. On the left side there is only the pedal and crankshaft and that connects via a cotter pin to an axle that goes through the frame and comes out the other side, the right. That axle is connected on the right side to a sprocket and crank arm and then the actuall pedal assembly. Theres a chain on that sprocket that connects to the freewheel in the back on the wheel. Depending on what you broke you may not be able to fix it and you might have to buy a whole new set. If its just the actuall pedal piece you should be able to get it out and put a new pedal in, it is 9/16 as already mentioned. If it gets stripped or anything you can put a 5/8 outer diameter sleeve in there, provided you re cut the threads on the crank arm. I have found 5/8 sleeves with an inner diameter of 7/16, the inner diameter can then be re cut to 9/16. Use a lot of wd 40 or marvel mystery oil and a vice and the proper wrench to get that stuck pedal out.

Re: Broken Pedals on Puch Maxi

A 15mm bicycle pedal spanner (thin wrench) should do the trick

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