fuel leak

Tiffany Couto /

when sitting after riding my moped leaks my gas/oil. i think what it is is that im flooding because my fuel shutoff thingie is broken. i guess what would be my carb.(im not really sure) is flooding..does this sound like a fuel shutoff problem? right now im just using a pair of vice grips on the fuel line when im not running. how could i fix this, i dont know where the poo to find moped parts. (motobecane 50v)

Re: fuel leak

Don Pflueger /

see my reply in the general discussion forum.

Re: fuel leak

Leon Swarmer /

Don is, of course, right on. but I would add that you might want to go ahead and get a new petcock (the fuel shutoff valve) There are other ways to get fuel leaks too, and I wouldn't want 1/2 gallon of gas on the floor of may garage when I hit the opener and the motor starts spinning.

hmm, guess who has vice grips on his oil line right now...time for me to go buy a part, too


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